Why Samsung is the most Converged company today

posted Mar 2, 2012, 1:03 AM by Henrik Cort Tranæs

Companies have always had an easy job of becoming mentioned in the press and getting attention. There have always been an sexiness toward IT companies. Men like their electronics and thus attention is as easily to get as it is for the car industry. Before IT came into becoming a Consumer device, Consumer electronics brand and their products enjoyed their time in the spotlight. Magazine devoted to homemade electronics, new articles and  social talk were about the patriarchs new electronics devices such as TV’s radios and hi fi systems. Brands such as Sony, Philips, Bang & Olufsen, Zenith were the hallmark of envy both also attainable products for the consumers.

 Today the talk of the town and news articles are all about the devices coming from the IT industry.  Apple, ASUS, HP, Dell and Intel take the most press coverage in the news. Sony, Toshiba LG are left behind.

An notable exception is Samsung which many ways is the odd one out but also the largest consumer electronics brand today. Samsung in many ways it the most integrated IT and Consumer electronics company today, ranging from the production of LCD panels, the 2nd largest Semiconductor manufacturer in the world, but also as said before the largest consumer electronics and It producer today. It many ways Samsung success can be attributed to its great knowledge and know how in both serving the IT Industry and the consumer electronics industry and have become the most converged company between the 2 industries.