Connection Convergence in a post-PC world

posted Aug 28, 2012, 7:25 AM by Henrik Cort Tranæs   [ updated Aug 28, 2012, 7:26 AM ]

Remember the days when you had to connect you mobile phone to you pc to update its firmware? Remember when you had to have the pc turned on to watch Movies, and listen to music in your home? Remember when you actual did listen to music on you pc ? Remember when you had  transfer files from one device to another by connect them to the pc?  Well those days a slowing going away because the embedded devices are talking together without the PC.

These Eco system help consumer live and connect between devices in a Post PC world

Airplay Apple TV Ecosystem –streaming from I-devices to TV, speakers

Nexus Q cube & Google Play      -music, video, streaming

NAS DSM operating system  from Synology         -downloads –unpacking –converting and transcoding video

Amazon Whispernet      -update you books across you platforms phone, kindle and tablet

Tehtering your smartphone for connection to internet from non -3G devices.

Cloud Storage and server run applications that help us run application in the cloud.

For consumers the trend is clear, we are replacing the multi tasking pc with smaller dedicated devices for our everyday computing tasks. Tablet for everyday browsing, and even more for typing and writing with new keyboard form factors. Storage, NAS to hold our data of pictures and video. TV with smart Tv embedded to show our favorite TV shows and Movies. Music players that can stream Spotify, and own music stored in the cloud or on the NAS. Smart phones for controlling devices, calling. The real killer to PC’s is that beforehand all these devices had to hooked up at some time to the pc for firmware updates, transfer of content, configuration and so on. That is increasingly being changes so that the embedded device start talking together without the PC.

                                                 DSM operating system in Synology NAS server.