Android on ARM meeting the demand for power & GUI

posted Sep 19, 2011, 2:32 AM by Henrik Cort Tranæs
The last  6 months have shown 3 evolving trajectories for the digital media player industry.

1. Media players are becoming embedded in all new Tv's today.
2. Android is emerging as the new platform for Media players.
3. ARM is becoming the Chip set design that meet Power and And power usage requirements.

Today you don't see an Tv producer that don't advertise and embedded media player functionality on their current offerings. Samsung is advertising their Smart tv as "What do you what to do on your TV today". Tv producers have been better at integrating local offerings from local TV channels and news sites.
We however are still missing full internet access and 3rd party apps on these offerings. Many TV's still don't support Flash. Performance is still sluggish on many of the designs.

Android is finally showing up at many independent producers of Media players. One such interesting it the Taiwanese company showcasing their Tizzbird F30, an Media player running Android 2.3 and having an app store. Support for HD media formats and Sound is incorporated. Sales are expecting to start in October 2011. Other hardware producers are looking at the market to. However The limitations set forth in the Android which is made for Smart phones still exist. How will apps made for 5 inch screens look on a 50 inch screen? We still need to see more Support form Google on this. Their Own Google TV will also run android on the next update more tailored for large TV's

ARM and Android go hand in hand, therefore we are seeing interesting chip designs around android for Media players. The Tizzbird again uses the Telechips ICC design. Other vendors are bidding in and Sigma Designs and Realtek are looking a bit dated on their design compared to these new powerful ARM designs. However There is still a long way for the Arm design to cover all the Video and Audio codecs that the MIPS design from Sigma cover today. However the big force for the ARM design is that Google and a lot of developer from the Smartphone market are ready to deploy their skills on a smart and useful GUI for the TV.