Why Consumers prefer Digital Media Players

Consumers prefer Non physical media players over Physical such as DVD and Blu-ray because, they are easier and better to use.

11 key attributes of the new digital media players that consumers value

1. Digital movie catalog, no need to change discs

2. Ability to stream on line video content
3. Digital meta-data on digital movie collection, such as movie posters, plot, ratings
4. Windows like User Interface
5. Ability to Copy and Stream movies without limitations.
6. Seamless integration with home netwrok and other networked devices in the household.
7. Ability to view photos and play music on same device.
8. No wear and tear on the media files like on a physical disc.
9. Faster load of media files compared to loading of a blu-ray movie disc 40 sek+ vs 3-4 sec.
10. Support for multi language subtitles and homemade subtitles.
11. Support for popular networks standards like NFS, SMB and Upnp/DLNA.
12. Noiseless playback and no moving parts make player more relailabe and quit.
13. Support for universial Remotes such a Harmoney and WEbbased RC client on i.e Iphone and  webbased.