KISS Media players

The range of KISS media players.

All the the players used a chipset from the semiconductor firm Sigma Designs. They started an dedicated group of users to their product which today lives on in the modern media players fans.. KISS was sold to Cisco/Linksys in 2005 for an amount of DKK 500 million.

They consisted of the following product line up.

- Big design boxes

Dimensions: 30 X 43 X 8.3 cm
Devices: DP-330, DP-450, DP-470, DP-500, DP-508, DP-558-80, DP-558-160, DP-558-200

- Slim design boxes

In January 2004 KISS introduced the DP 1504 model which had hard drive instead of DVD players drive in it. 

Dimensions: 23 X 32 X 5.1 cm
Devices: DP-1000, DP-1100, DP-1500, DP-1504, KiSS-1600

- New design boxes

Dimensions: 32 X 43.5 X 8 cm
Devices: DP-600, VR-558-300, VR-558-400

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