Current Research

Read my extensive report on the Emerging industry of the Digital media player. see link below

Industry analysis of the Incumbent & emerging

industry of digital video players

1.1     Choice of industries for analysis. 

1.1.1    Converging Industries?

1.1.2    Incumbent and Emerging industry of Digital media players

1.1.3    Network externalities and Complementary Services and products 

1.2     Determining if the industries are converging.

        1.2.1    The Incumbent Industry, Evolution of the Digital Video in the                             Consumer Electronics Industry. 

           1.2.2     The New Emerging Industry; Data on recent development 

1.3     Evaluating the Trajectories of the Converging industries

1.3.1         Defining the boundaries of the industries 

1.3.2         Determining the threats of the incumbent industry’s core                             activities 

 1.3.3     Determine the threats of Incumbents industry’s core assets 

 1.3.4     What trajectories are the converging industries on?

 1.3.5     Determining the stage of evolution between the two industries. 

1.4     Creating Partnerships, Standards and luring Complementors

1.4.1     Creating Partnerships – with complementors that have assets and activities 

                    1.4.2     Creating Standards with competitors to form an standard

                    1.4.3     Luring Complementors 

                    1.4.4     Industry Analysis Conclusion

Henrik Cort Tranæs,
Sep 21, 2009, 12:06 AM